Chau, Le Ba (W360s Corp)

Who Am I?

Work in a challenging environment in a business company, where i can utilize my capabilities to advance in my career.
I am self-motivated, ambitious and eager to learn.
I am a responsible individual with strong communication skills and work ethics besides being creative, focused and highly determined.
I am willing to take responsibility and work independently.
At the same time, I can work well in teams.
Looking for both personal and professional growth makes me capable of working confidently under pressure. Being bilingual gives me the chance to function efficiently in both English and Vietnamese.
My background and growing up experience has given me a deep insight in the culture and society together with a wider scope in the world of business.

  • Time and tide wait for no man
  • Create Your Own Future!
  • Go while the going is good.
  • Keep going to find your real life until you meet it.
  • You get any situation, there is at least more then on way to sovled.

Hey look at my crazy skills!


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CHAU, LE BA President & Founder

Some of my highlights

Hotel system management is the largest project for tourism, is an integrated web ecosystems utilities can meet ks from 7 stars to the smallest cafes.
reduce 3/4 the cost of personnel management as well as for businesses.
will coming soon

My greatest achievement is I have found my real life.
Hi-Tech for me is not only jobs that is the passion and my life. I had to exchange a lot of things to pursue it.
To get successes and achievements are many things you have to pay, and the importance is start looking for it until you find.
Life only makes sense when you do make it meaningful to yourself, and to the society.

These days I have kept telling myself this quotation. As long as ones remain positive in their thought, things will soon look up…

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

Yes that’s right, we’ve added over 100 new features! New layouts, short codes, options & more, along with lots of love & a hefty sprinkle of pixie dust!!

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